Saturday, December 6, 2008


I had about as much fun today on a horse as I have had in a while!
I rode Boomer bareback again with just the halter and lead rope.
I was in a constant state of awe at how easy he is to ride!
Trotting was better, he is getting the hang of it.
We tried to canter, he tried to buck, I was a wuss.
Should of just pulled his head up and kicked.
After I rode I made him canter around the round pen, just for good measure.

I free longed him a bit and then climbed on.
John was scooping poop and took this picture before he come over to watch.
Here is a nice easy turn!


This is a video of Boomer being such a good boy. He was so easy to ride!
He turned and stopped so well! You can see here how easy he was to steer!

Here is a video of us trotting!

Here we are trying to canter. Can you tell Boomer was thinking about bucking? Maybe next time will be better!


Kim said...

Lookin' pretty good! but um.. whats with those ears of his? did you notice them? is he listening for something or? and is that his first bareback canter? he looked like he rather just chill out than do the work in this weather. Working burns the energy, yet warms him up, but it's pretty chilly there, if you've got ice. We've got no ice or snow here or anything yet, but that'll all change in a couple weeks. And I'm looking forward to getter a water bucket heater! no ice breaking for me this winter! and warm water will be good, it wont drop their temperature. Where as ice water would certainly drop my temperature dramatically! anyway, happy holidays! I only wish you'd get the horse trailer of your dreams! seriously, your family should put their money towards a horse trailer for you, and you could get them something. I'd rather know I'm getting what I want, then not know what I am getting, and end up not wanting that gift in the end. Oh well, all I can do is whine and complain.. and I'm pretty darn good at doing it too! lol.

Pink Pearl Strand said...

Yeah I had 3 other Arabians before him. One I had to Re-train when my step mom used him for lessons and backtracked all my hard work. The second was 15 and didn't know anything, and the third is the only horse I have ever called crazy in my life lol. I know you have to "tell them politely" and that they are smarter than most people. I saw the horse you're talking about that does look eerily similar to my Jetta! lol I love this blog btw it's so cute! he's doing so well!