Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Another injury

I worked Pete today and then went to groom Boomer, only to find that he had scraped up his back right fetlock. At first glance it didn't look bad, but once I got down and poked around, I realized that something inside was torn or punctured. So, I had the vet out and sure enough, he had a slight tear in the tendon sheath. He is lucky it wasn't any deeper, says the vet. The area is only about the size of a quarter. The vet cut off the skin flap and cleaned it out really well. Boomer remembered the vet and made sure he did not feel welcome. He was sedated and I held up his front leg and he still tried to kick once or twice. After it was cleaned the vet applied silver sulfadiazine and then bandaged it really well. I was given instruction to rinse it with iodine, hose it for 15 minutes, then re medicate and bandage it every other day for 10 days. He is also on Tucaprim for those 10 days. Unfortunately, the weather is supposed to be killer the next few days. At least I'll have nice weather for hosing and bandaging. We figured out the the culprit for the scrape was the side of the shed. The tin siding isn't buried and I found a deep hoof print and hair on the bottom of the siding. John bought two 4x4x10's and we laid them next to the sides of the shed. I feel like it might not be a bad idea to go ahead and pad the whole place, just in case.

On to Pete... He was great today. He is really strange in that he doesn't seem to understand or get anything when you work on it, but turn him out over night and he will think about it and have it down perfectly the next day. Today I rode him out in a paddock and he was great. He didn't get 'stuck' once. He was a little hard to turn, but so was Boomer at first. He stopped well and trotted well. Here is his training log:
2/3/09 1 hour I rode Pete in the paddock today and he did great. He still does 'young horse' stuff like head tossing. He didn't get 'stuck' at all today abd was willing to move out and trot. He is not great at turns but that comes with time.

I just thought you should know that I have the CUTEST riding gloves ever. I think my aunt gave them to me when I was a kid. Yes, they still fit.

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