Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Horses are funny like that

Boomer's leg is fine so far. His bandage is still intact and he isn't limping. He rests it while he is standing but he is able to bear weight on it.

Pete's owner showed up today and wanted to try a new saddle on him. The new saddle is for his wife's b-day tomorrow. So, I got to ride Pete in a western saddle. It had been years and that thing was stiff! I sure can understand why die hard western people are so against English saddles, especially if they have ever ridden in one! My legs were so set in place it wasn't funny! Though, Pete was a bit weary of all of the creaking leather, he did well. Pete wasn't quite as good today as he has been in the past. He didn't get 'stuck' too much but he acted like he didn't know how to turn. It was the first time we had ridden out in the open and I think that he had been relying on the walls to tell him when to turn. So, more work in the open on turns is in order! I also realized that he couldn't trot and turn at the same time. So, trotting circles are in order also! Those, of course, are good things to know. Though, I would have liked to be able to figure that out without the owner there. Though, he seemed to think that Pete was hugely improved. Tomorrow should be interesting. I can be really shy and I hate being the center of attention. The owner wants me to come out so that he can surprise his wife with the horse all tacked up in his western gear. Then he wants me to get on and show her what Pete has learned. So, I guess I will just get on and walk around in circles. I think I will also have her get on him and start showing her how to turn him effectively. For him, it is a wide inside rein, outside rein across neck to teach neck rein, outside leg slightly behind girth, and inside hip sunk down into the stirrup. Eventually, it will take less to turn him but that is what it takes right now. We have a lot more to work on that I thought, but that is good. I want him to be a good safe horse for her.

As for me, back to studying!

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