Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lucky weather

It was supposed to rain today and last night but hasn't yet. I took advantage of the weather and rode Pete and changed Boomer's bandage. Boomer's leg is still looking really good. The granulation tissue is smooth and even over the whole wound. I am a little wary about his bandage getting wet tomorrow, especially since John and I will be going to Norman for the whole day for his work. Pete was good today. I cantered him a little while we were riding out in the big pasture. He is very dominant on the left lead and we had a bit of a time getting the right lead. He is a bit speedy and unbalanced, but that will work its self out with time. He is also still having trouble with the woah-walk transition. He throws his head up and starts to back up, but will move forward readily when I squeeze. I haven't figured that one out yet. Here is his log for today:

2/8/09 1 hour
I rode Pete out in the pasture again. We worked on cantering and he did really well. He prefers the left lead but did pick up the right lead on a small circle to the right.
We are still working on the woah/walk transition. He tends to think 'back' when I say walk.
His turns and steering are coming along very well.

Get ready for some aweome video of Charley and his cousin Brutus from our dogsitting adventure this weekend!!!

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