Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It is storming like crazy around here!

My mom lives in Edmond and three houses in her neighborhood were damaged by the tornado today! She is safe and staying with a friend as the power lines are down in her 'hood.

Now the storm has reached us and it is raining and thundering and lightening like crazy! I feel bad for the horse in weather like this... Especially since he has to stay bandaged to keep his wound clean. My aim is to not let him go for more than 10-12 hours with a wet bandage overnight. Today I fed him and spent time just scratching him. I think he was getting sick of being doctored and it took him a bit to realize that we were still buds.

Here is Pete's log for today:
2/10/09 30 minutes
I rode Pete around the open area above the barns and he did really well. He seems to be catching on to neck reining already, which I was really surprised by! We worked on cantering and leads some and he did pretty well. He will pick up the left lead on the straightaway but has to go in a pretty tight circle for the right lead. We also worked on slowing the trot. He is doing well and my goals right now are to focus on slowing his trot and canter, work on leads, and neck reining.

I got a package from Schneider's today with a few fun things! I used some of my B-day money to get horsey things! I got shipping boots, a horsey tard hat, a trailer tie, and waterproofing blanket wash! Now I just need a trailer... Maybe someday soon!

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