Thursday, July 16, 2009

Baby steps

Today was a good day. Boomer, Charley, and I were all able to enjoy a trail ride. How is that, you ask? Well, Boomer wasn't a little shit. I lunged him for about 15 minutes, bridled him and headed out. He didn't balk once leaving the barn, crossing the 'gully', heading into the trails. Nothing. He got a loose rein and had a blast. I was too busy ducking spider webs and wildly flailing my arms when I hit one to worry about Boomer. He was great. He handled the mud, logs, everything! He did speed up a bit when we turned around at the sight of a web that I just couldn't stomach going through, but once he figured out that home still wasn't 'just around the corner' he settled back into a more normal pace. We went through two different trails, one short connector and one longer that we turned around on. Then we headed up around the hill some more, away from home. He was fine with that too. Then we headed home and once we were nearly back, I did a lot of back and forth, trying to get him to balk. Nothing. He just went with it. His neck reining isn't as good out in the open as in the arena, but that isn't something I mind working on at all! Once back at the barn, I decided that we would open and close the gate to the outdoor and ride in there a little. Well, We got the latch open and all of a sudden got attacked by a very angry wasp. Apparently, he had taken up home in the gate latch. Oops! Abort mission! Instead, we walked past the junk pile. He almost bolted with me going past it, so we went through it a few times until he was able to relax and stand still. Then came the bad news. There was a horse in the round pen and Boomer refused to go past it. I tried being nice, but he wasn't listening. So, I got off and sent him around me like crazy. He slipped on the grass, got mad and spun around, so I sent him off the other way. After a while I got back on and he was fine. We made three laps around the round pen in either direction. Then I lunged him for another 20-30 in the indoor. What a day!

Overall, I am so happy with him! I really thought this was such a huge problem and I needed a trainer. But, once I stopped and started to make a plan, We got things done pretty quickly! Smart horse, eh? I plan on continuing to lunge him before (maybe) and after (always) for the next ten rides, no matter how good. Then just sporadically after that. Boot Camp isn't over yet, but I have a smile, and thats a start!


Anonymous said...

All I have to say is DAMN WASP! And either your plan is working, or he was real good on the trail because Charley was there :).

Also... you should kill that wasp.

Very proud of Boomer and you, you can do really well if your working together.

Shanster said...


Ugh - I hate wasps! Nasty things...

So glad your smile is back!