Monday, July 27, 2009


I just spent 5 hours at the Eudora Animal Hospital and it was awesome! I did almost pass out watching my first spay/hernia repair. After that though, I was fine. There were two more spays, a declaw, and a crazy abscess. There was also a cow with a hoof abscess, a constipated calf, and two cows with pink eye. I also watched regular appointments for a cat and a small dog. It was a pretty busy day! I can comeback anytime and hopefully if I show up more often I can start going on farm calls too. That is what I am really interested in and I would love to see some of the AI and repro stuff. Apparently there is a Friesian farm nearby that breeds. I'm not really sure what else to tell about, but I am excited to go back! It was a really laid back and fun environment. They even let me give a few shots of antibiotics!

As for now, I am working on getting enrollment all squared away. I want Physics at KU and Chem II at K-State.

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Shanster said...

Very cool - sounds like an awesome day! I love hanging around vets - they always have such great stories!