Friday, July 31, 2009

John rode Taz again!

I convinced John to go riding with me today after work! Awesome! He borrowed Taz the Tennessee Walker again! It was a blast. I have been wanting to show John around the trails for a while now! So, we went around the big hill, through the trails to the hay pasture, down the gravel road and then back through the trails to the top of the big hill by the manager's house. We rode for about 1.5 hours and mostly walked. We trotted a little, but not much since the horses just ate before we got there. John did really well. I only had to remind him to keep his heels down a couple of times! :) Taz was testing him a little and didn't want to trot/rack at first but I showed John how to "ask, tell, demand" and they both caught on quickly. Boomer was really good too! He thought about balking once on the road, but never stopped and once going out on the trail when we were pointed home, but then turned away, he balked but was easy to correct. Otherwise, he was on a loose rein the whole time, even on the road! He can really be a model student sometimes!

I really had a good time and thought it was so cool to have John come along on a ride with me! I know it probably isn't his cup of tea to go riding after a hard day at work before he even gets to go running, but it was cool for me! I like to ride alone, but John is my first pick when it comes to having a partner!

It is supposed to rain tomorrow, so no Clinton Lake. I hope to get out there at least 1-2 more times to camp before the endurance ride on Sept 19th. Though, looking at our calendar, it may not happen! The next two weekends we will be in CA, then the the next weekend we are going to a friends wedding in OK, then the next two weeks John is in TX for work (not excited about that, but my mom is coming to visit and I will be in school so I should stay busy)! So, that leaves the weekend of the 12th to camp before the ride! I will have plenty of time to keep conditioning him and hopefully everything will fall into place and we can go to the ride!!! I am not holding my breath, but I am pretty excited to get out there for a ride!

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Shanster said...

OH I hope you get to go! The ride with John sounds like a total kick in the pants!!