Friday, December 25, 2009

...but its christmas and there is snow on the ground!!!

This year is my first white christmas!!! So far, we have about a foot of snow. I have been having a blast with all of this! Snow on christmas is the best 'card' to have! "Lets go for a walk at midnight-because its christmas and there is snow on the ground!", "you don't have to drive in the lines-because its christmas and there is snow on the ground!", "lets eat candy all day-because its christmas and there is snow on the ground!" You get the idea.

Charley wasn't amused at first:

I made stockings for John, Charley and myself.

Charley helped:

Here is our xmas ficus:

This morning, we woke up to snow drifts in our yard that were bigger than Charley!!!

After presents, candy, family phone calls, and being lazy by the fire we decided to head to the barn to visit Boomer!

We opened the door from the feeding shed and decided to go around the other way after seeing this:

Boomer seemed pretty hopeful that I had food or would somehow save him from the cold:

We did both:

Charley helped:

Family photo:

It was pretty cold, but Boomer was dry under his blanket and seemed fine, other than a few icicles in his forelock! My goal had been to take out my old 35mm camera and get some great shots of Boomer galloping through snow drifts. Well, the negative wind chill, lack of batteries, and the fact that Boomer wasn't sharing my enthusiasm all led to the above cell phone feeding time photo sequence. Better luck next time.


joshu said...

I showed Gmp Hugh your blog and he thinks its cool. He put your blog address in his list of favorites.

Shanster said...

Awww - what nice pictures! I'm glad you could save Boomer and I'm with you on the snow and Christmas thing! Fun! Sounds like all is well and Boomer is doing great...

The lesson is just around the corner now too. Stay warm!