Sunday, December 27, 2009

My new obsession!!!

We got a Wii!!! John and I have wanted a Wii for a long time and since we finally got a TV a few months ago we decided it was time to get a Wii! We rented a few games for it and I am not ashamed to admit that I got a horse jumping game. Its pretty much just stadium jumping competitions. You race the clock, win tack and show clothing, and compete at new levels. I have really enjoyed it. John got a good laugh this afternoon after I came home from riding Boomer and started playing with the Wii horses before I even changed out of my riding pants!

I finally rode Boomer again today. He had 3 days off due to the weather and holiday schedule. He seemed a little nutty, but was fine after I lunged him. I worked on getting him trotting on a smallish lunge circle and used a long lunge whip to tap his croup and hocks to encourage him to drive under. He seemed to understand what I was asking for, but wasn't interested/able to sustain it for more than a few strides. Our ride went well. Cantering is continuing to improve. I can't wait to get some real feedback and input on slowing things down and getting things a little less chaotic feeling (and looking, I'm sure!).

It is always a little nerve wracking to take off Boomer's blanket after its been on for an extended period of time. He loses weight so easily I am just always worried about him. Today when I took off his blanket I was pleasantly surprised to find him in great shape, looking well muscled and fit. He was in good shape from the trainers and the endurance ride fitted him up, but I think that the arena work we have been doing for an hour every other day has started to improve his topline. It is interesting how it really takes a few weeks to notice, but once things start to change it is a very visible difference! I am especially pleased to have this kind of result as we have been feeding him much less grain than he was used to in the past.

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