Thursday, December 10, 2009

Winter goals

Winter is here for sure. It snowed Tuesday off and on and the highs will not get above freezing until the weekend, then back down into the twenties next week.

Once Boomer seems to be recovered from his kick I am going to get down to business with his winter riding. Obviously, I am too much of a sissy to ride outside if it is less than 40* out. So, I have been thinking of some good winter goals.

Boomer got his shoes off and is set for the winter. I hope to go to another endurance ride in late April or early May. So, from now until mid March I have lots of indoor riding time to keep us both in shape before we start legging up with trail rides in the spring.

Goal # 1: Ride at least 3 hours per week
Goal # 2: Get flying lead changes

Thats it. I know that is doable. Obviously, there are tons of things to do between here and there, but I need to have a real tangible goal for the winter, not just 'improve the canter'. I guess a good breakdown is to spend December getting the canter where I want it: under control with variable speeds and reliable steering. January will be a good time to start working on correct simple changes through the center of a figure-8 of any size. February we will work on starting to introduce the concept of flying changes. March, just keep practicing!

That should give me something to focus on and keep us from getting bored for the next few months while we are stuck inside! Most importantly, I don't want Boomer to lose his body condition over winter because he is looking really fit right now and I like it!


Shanster said...

Yes - I too am a big weenie about cold... my tolerance goes to upper 20's if there is sun and no wind.. but below 27? or if there is wind or clouds/snow? Forget it. Winter is sort of the pits that way... good goals! I have horse books to catch up on.. conformation and different biomechanical things to read when it is cold and dark out there...

Heather said...

Wow, your are tough! I might be able to ride if it was below freezing if I was indoors and somebody caught my horse for me!
I want to finish reading Dressage in Harmony this winter. I am also hoping to take some dressage lessons from a boarder/instructor at the barn. I think it will give me some good goals for winter and be great cross training! Though, I can see myself getting sucked in and wanting to compete too!

Heather said...

Well, I've seen the light with my dressage lessons and now understand that getting a proper canter transition from the trot and walk is WAY more important then getting a flying change! While I know how to teach them to a polo pony, I know that just wouldn't cut it with Karin the Dressage instructor!!!