Friday, December 18, 2009

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I rode Boomer again today and it was hard to not expect him to be as good as he was on Wednesday. It seemed like he was a little resistant today and it took us about 30 minutes to warm up and settle in to the ride. He was bracing and tossing his head and would try and fly to the right and get off of our circle at a certain corner. He also thought about bucking once or twice at the canter. Though, I have to say, the ride ended well. After all of his shenanigans, I just gave up on slowing him down and trying to force him to relax and I just pushed him up into a fast trot and made him hold the speed while we worked on circles and figure 8's. After a while he just started to relax down and was ready to get to work. Like I said, it took about 30 minutes... but we got there! Actually, I think I got some of the best trot work out of him yet today. I was really encouraging him up get up into a faster trot without flinging his legs all over the place and racing around. I looked over in the side mirror and noticed that he was really pushing and using those hind legs and his butt muscles were positively rippling!!! I was VERY happy with seeing that! Our second effort at cantering went much better than the first.

After giving it some thought I wondered if he just had too much energy due to excess food. I have been giving him ~3 quarts of grain after I ride him and on Wednesday I added 2 scoops of Cool Calories 100 but did not decrease his grain. He doesn't need to gain any weight, but I am paranoid that he will lose weight being out on pasture. Plus, I want that shiny coat even in the winter! So, I will try next time giving him 2 quarts of grain with his two scoops of CC100. I would rather have him eating less grain anyway.

I have been selling some old horse stuff on eBay lately but there are a few pesky items that haven't sold, like a new rope halter, new travel head bumper, used tom thumb bit, and two used AP/CC baby pads. So, if anyone in blogland needs anything like that, just let me know!


joshu said...

Nice post!

Anonymous said...

this post should be titled "Boomers butt muscles were positively rippling!!!" LMAO!!!

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