Monday, October 11, 2010

Blue Jacket Farm Pictures

I actually got some pictures of the horse at the new barn!

Here is the barn with a cute apple tree in front!  Love the landscaping around the whole property!

Here is Charley off to the left side of the barn, in front of Boomer's pasture.

 Here is Boomer under a shade tree in his pasture.  His buddy is just out of the frame to the right.  

 Hi mom!  I love it here!

 Boomer in the cross ties in the barn.  I don't really like isle cross ties since Boomer tends to pull back.  It makes me nervous, but the cross ties are secured with zip ties, so things would break in case of emergency.  

 Here is Boomer out for a run in the outdoor arena!  Isn't this a great picture?

Here is a clip of Boomer playing in the arena:

 OK mom, done running!

 I just LOVE these next few pictures!!!  


Funder said...

What a gorgeous facility! Boomer looks amazing :)

Paint Girl said...

Very nice place! Love the pasture over looking the lake? Beautiful!
Boomer is gorgeous!!

Heather said...

Yes, I LOVE this property! The pond is part of the property as well and you can ride around it and the have a jump field set up to the left side of it. I have enjoyed this place a lot so far!

Sally said...

Very Pretty!