Friday, October 22, 2010

Bucket List

I have been thinking about what it means to me to have a family and how that will change my riding goals. (Isn't life just full of ever changing goals?)

I know that my riding time will be limited for a few years and I am trying to be OK with that.  I know that Boomer and I will not be fierce competitors and will not have time to train for monthly events as I had hoped to do in the past.  However, if you look at our ride records, I doubt we would ever be mistaken for 'fierce competitors'.  

I'm out there for the joy of spending time with my horse, to enjoy the trails, and to camp with my family.  

Keeping those priorities in mind, it isn't difficult to come up with some endurance goals for the future. 

Perhaps the main shift in my perspective is seeing endurance rides as potential vacations for the whole family.  

There are a few rides that I really want to do that I also think would be amazing family vacation spots.  

Here is my Bucket List: 
Tevis Cup
(how could this not make a bucket list?)
Grand Canyon Pioneer 
(beautiful scenery and location, 
plus I've never been and I think 
everyone should experience the grand canyon)
Fort Stanton Pioneer
(very cool historical site, beautiful location)
Shore to Shore Pioneer
(I love the idea of riding all the way across 
Michigan from lake to lake! Cool!)
Man Vs. Horse
(I think this would be a super fun event for John and I both.  
He, for some reason, thinks he could beat Boomer at a 50 mile race)
Pony Express 
(8 weeks of 5 days of rides totaling 2000 miles,
not sure this one will happen again, but sign me up!)
AERC Decade Team
(this goal simply requires that Boomer and I compete
 together as a team 
in at least one ride every year for the next 8 years)


Shanster said...

Oh yeah - any time I start taking myself too seriously... I think where in the hell am I going? It's not like I'm going to the olympics or anything! There are a million people out there way better than I will ever be. But the horses give me joy and being with them and learning and riding gives me joy. THAT is why I'm in it....

Goals are great or we wouldn't progress but reality also comes into play - and that includes our lives which are pretty wonderful.

We are lucky to have horses be a part of our lives for sure!

Heather said...

How are you so upbeat and positive and sensible all of the time? Can I hire you to follow me around and talk to me all day?

Shanster said...

HA! You should live in my head. Not always so upbeat... you should see the brain bugs I have about Rosso still and what a big skeered chicken I think I am all the time... I TRY to give myself the same advice but I don't always listen. grin.

I guess I've been learning with him to just let things happen and not push myself or beat myself up. I don't want you to do that either... besides YOU have a little munchkin on board and that is pretty cool!

You guys are startin' your family! Don't fret too much about Boomer - it will come - enjoy the coolness of a family with your little one and your super awesome husband!! grin.

Heather said...

AW! See? Pack your bags and move in already!

I know, how cool is it to be riding with my baby already? Sometimes I talk to baby and Boomer while I'm riding and tell Boomer to be safe and take care of us and I ask the baby if he/she knows we are riding.

The whole process is just too much fun!