Monday, October 25, 2010


Boomer has been keeping things interesting around here.  

Went out late last week to find a cut on his left hind fetlock.  There was significant swelling and he was off at the walk and trot.  I cold hosed and smeared iodine ointment on it twice on Wednesday.  Planned to call the vet first thing Thursday if no improvement.  Called the vet Thursday, got an appointment within 2 hours.  Cut was deeper and bigger than I thought, but did NOT involve the joint or tendon sheath, which is what I was concerned about.  Boomer got wrapped up and put on antibiotics.  Could only leave the wrap on for 48 hours due to rain.  Took off wrap Saturday, swelling was down, cut looked great.  So, instead of rewrapping, I just sprayed with AluSpray per vets directions and put him back out in the pasture.  Some swelling back Sunday, gone again Monday.  Sound since Saturday.  Everything will be fine, but jeez if that boy doesn't know how to stress me out!  Most likely, I would not have called the vet if the joint hadn't been involved.  However, even a microscopic puncture to the joint could be devastating.  

So, back to regular work soon!  Maybe I will lightly lunge tomorrow and then possible lunge/ride Wednesday?  

I got Boomer a sheet for this fall.  I got the Dura-Tech Viking II Turnout Sheet in green and black.  I decided to get a sheet this year so that I can start him in something a little more lightweight when the nights get below freezing but the days are warmer.  When the days get closer to freezing and the nights are even colder, he will get his regular blanket- a medium weight StormShield New Briton Bellyband Turnout.  If this winter is as bad as last year, there were a few nights that got into the negative teens and on those nights I want to be able to put a sheet over his blanket.  The Viking Turnout Sheet is a boxier cut and isn't a fitted as his blanket.  It doesn't have the V-Free raised wither to protect his mane from rubs.  It is from a less expensive line, but I think it will be fine for the few weeks of 'transition weather'.  I also think it will be a great fit over a blanket.  

I have also decided on the saddle I want to get to replace my western saddle that stopped fitting Boomer. I think I want to go for this Cashel Trail Saddle without a horn.  I also comes with the option of a horn.  Actually, I can't really decide what I want more.  Horn or no horn.  Anyhow, I love the saddle and the tree is fiberglass coated wood made by Martin Saddlery.  Their AXIS tree is made to slightly flare forward at the shoulders to allow freedom of movement.  I think it would be a great saddle for me and for Boomer.  Now I just need to decide if I should buy it now or wait until after the baby comes... I want to get it now, but then it is almost winter and I have a feeling that as soon as the ground freezes for good (Late December?) I will be done riding until April, most likely.  

Any thoughts on the horn/no horn issue?  
Here are my thoughts:   
more traditional
place to hang reins while riding hands-free
place to hang bridle/helmet/etc when dismounted
never had an issue with it in the way in the past
No Horn:
more endurance oriented style
out of the way on steep climbs
less secure incase we have an 'event'

The saddle will mostly be a trail saddle and endurance rides will probably be few and far between, so should I go for the trail/pleasure styling or the endurance styling?  


Story said...

Poor Boomer. Any kind of injury really stresses me out.

This transition weather is a real challenge. The New Briton Bellyband Turnout was my other main candidate when I was blanket shopping. The wider color range nearly had me swayed but I got sucked in by the Techno-Dri lining of the Regulator. Still not sure that was worth the extra $$$ and limited color choice, but regardless still a nice blanket.

I come from an English background but have so much come to love having a horn for all of the reasons you mentioned. A year ago I might have said no horn, but now I'd have to vote horn all the way!

Funder said...

I have that Viking II sheet! I only blanket when she's tied to the trailer away from home, so it suits me just fine - a fleece if she's sweaty, the sheet on top if it's raining or snowing.

I love my hornless western! It's just as secure - it's surprisingly easy to grab the pommel in the event of unexpected maneuvers. It's also super nice if you're riding in the trees - you can duck forward all the way to his neck. I do kind of miss having a place to hang the bridle or my helmet, but I've got some extra carabiners that work well too.

irish horse said...

Those sheets/blankets look nice! I'm always trying to find real-life reviews, so keep us updated on how they hold up! My climate is pretty mild, but the blankets are so cute...

I like my saddles with no horn, easier to maneuver around up hills, etc. I'd wait to get the saddle though: one of my best investments was a professional saddle fitter, who let me ride is many different kinds. (I ended up with an english trail saddle, never saw that coming!) Good luck!

Shanster said...

hmmm - will be interesting to see what you get and what you think. I'm not sure at all what I'd do...

Poor Boomer - glad it was superficial and no joint involvement - scary!

Rising Rainbow said...

Sorry to hear your horse is injured but glad it turned out to be minor. That's always a relief.

Horn or no horn is mixed for me. My saddle has a horn but I seem to have a knack for getting some article of clothing caught on it. That can make for an ugly wreck. So far I've been lucky but each time it happens I think maybe I should get a saddle without one.