Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Kaw Valley Farm Tour

Just another great thing to love about Lawrence!!!

Lawrence and all of Kansas has a rich history in farming.  Lawrence, being one of the more liberal communities in the state has a strong leaning towards eating locally, organically, and sustainably.  There are a number of restaurants around town that focus on serving foods that are produced locally.  Some of my favorites are Local Burger and 715.  We also have a great Co-Op that sells local produce, meats, and dairy products.  

The local farms around town host an annual Farm Tour each October and these great farms open their doors to visitors and offer samples, tours, and information about their products.  

John and I had a few college friends come up from Oklahoma to join us for the weekend and we were able to visit 6-7 of the 20 farms.  We had other obligations that weekend (like watching OU beat TX) and were unable to visit all of the farms.  

We did get to see a tree farm, Sleep Jean's chocolate factory (best chocolate and caramels EVER), a bison ranch, a vineyard, an apple orchard, and a pumpkin farm!  

It was a super fun weekend and it was really great to see some of the producers of foods we buy and eat!  


Shanster said...

What fun! Great ag day! Love it!

wow - you've been a postin' fool! Glad Boomer is so happy in his new place...it is so GREEN! I'm in the dry and brown Colorado plains...

Sorry for the pull backs... Rosso went thru a fence last week. It was a tape fence - he didn't have a scratch on him but yeah.. the sound of hoofbeats and commotion sent me running outdoors cuz we'd just fed and everything usually stays so nice and quiet then ya know?

Keep us posted!

Heather said...

haha! I know, I had a bunch of stuff to post about so I did them all at once and scheduled them to auto-post every two days! I'm trying to get better about updates, but my life seems so boring sometimes!

My biggest thing with Boomer is that I just don't trust him. In some situations I do, but in other situations I don't. I just want to trust him. We are working on that.

Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like a great time.

Shanster said...

Yeah- I know the feeling well! I haven't established trust yet with Rosso either. The more we work with them and spend time with them, the better it will be I think (hope)!