Thursday, September 18, 2008

Boomer's day off...

Also know as- Heather's day of work!

Last Friday I felt something funny happen in my lower back. Suddenly, there was a divot above my right hip area of my low back. I went and bought a truck about it. So, today, since buying a truck didn't help, I went to a specialist. A hip, not truck, specialist. He x-rayed me and told me I had beautiful hips, structurally, of course. The divot is at an insertion point for muscles and ligaments. I have a torn muscle. So, luckily, I don't need anything popped into place or anything crazy. Just moderate, low impact exercise. Like bicycling and swimming. I didn't ask about riding my barely green broke horse, but I assume that counts as low impact exercise as well!

As I drove in to town from Tulsa ( I used to never go to Tulsa, I buy a gas guzzling truck and now I go 3 times a week?!?!) Sallie called to remind me that I agreed to help her move hay in 30 minutes. I headed to the barn to wait for her and her hired muscles. Muscles showed up about an hour late and was actually the city boy son of a friend of Sallie. He was actually more in the way than a help. Sallie and I essentially loaded up about 6 truck loads (15 bales each) of hay and moved them across the property and unloaded them. It took about three hours and I was so tired and hungry after we were done. Not to mention frustrated with Muscles/City Boy and his tagalongs! So, I fed Boomer and gave him a nice scratch on the neck and called it a day.

Tomorrow, I plan on going out in the morning for a longe session and then again in the afternoon with John for a riding session. Also, I want to get out to an antique store in Dewey and barter for a table I saw there a few weeks ago. I think it will still be there. It was in the back room of three and had chairs stacked on it against a wall.

For now, I wait for John to get home! He had to go to Norman today for work. He was a Schlumberger representative for OU's career fair. Afterwards he met up with Scott and went for a short run. I am really glad he got to do that, but I can't wait for him to get home!!!

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