Sunday, September 21, 2008

Miles of trials and trials of miles

I am using John's computer so I will be able to post pictures finally! Yesterday after work I longed and rode Boomer and he did really well. He didn't pin his ears at the trot and was very calm about the whole deal. I walked and trotted while on the longe with John and after he unhooked us I just walked Boomer around the enclosed acre. He was great about it an only spooked once at a tire rut in the mud.

Today I longed him pretty hard. Just after we started, the owners of the property pulled up in a golf cart and started putting up an electric fence. Boomer spooked and turned to run away. It took me less than one circle around the longe before I had him stopped and going back the other way. After about 5 laps he was unconcerned about the whole situation! We worked on canter transitions and he did really well. He is really getting the idea! I was really proud of him, especially because we had an audience of 5!!! I got on him and had John longe us for a few minutes and it went really well. I stopped him and leaned down to unhook ourselves from the longeline. I wasn't sure how he would react, but he was totally fine! I was so proud! We walked and trotted a little more and Boomer spooked pretty badly once at the trot, scooting right and then left. I stayed centered and kept my seat. After that, he was fine. We took a little trail ride up to the house and he was good until the hounds started barking, he jumped a bit but was totally under my control! Walking back down the road I decided to walk towards the highway a bit to get him used to the noises and sights. John was with us this whole time and was busy taking pictures! When we got to the end of the drive Boomer stayed calm and didn't even flinch at the traffic! We proceeded to walk down the side of the highway and he stayed calm as could be even as I freaked about going through a spiderweb! I was so proud of him!

We untacked and walked to the hose to rinse off and he didn't even put up a fight at that either!

Overall, a totally great day! Of course, I had to be at work at 1pm and it was 12:40 when we left... All good things must come to an end, I guess!!!

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