Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Horse Lady has to have a truck!

Up until now John and I have been hauling hay in our cars. One bale in my trunk, one in his, and one in his backseat- I guess he doesn't care about his car being itchy and smelling like sweet sweet timothy grass! Lately we have run into the problem of our feed store being out of hay. This is a real bummer because we need those three bales every week. Sometimes it is one bale at a time. The most frustrating time is when I can only pick up one bale of hay and they tell me that there are only three left. I want all three. I want my horse to have free choice hay all of the time, but sometimes, it gets a little scant for a day or two. There is another feed store in town, their hay is cheaper, but less dense and lower quality.

So, I got a truck! I have wanted a truck since ,well, since I first learned that you pull a trailer behind one! When I worked for Steve last year he had an F350 Dually Diesel for me to drive. I had to teach myself to drive a standard so that I could feed the horses. How's that for learning out of necessity?! That thing was a beast! No tail gate, of course... Which, after hauling 30 bales of hay across Norman made me think of the perfect bumper sticker! If my bed is loaded, so is my gun! BACK OFF! Surprisingly, people would be right behind me at stop lights. I mean, it doesn't take a genious to figure out that (hay stacked 4 bales high) + (no tailgate) = hay on your car!

Point being, I got a truck! 2006 Ford F150, 4x4, 5.4litre V8, towing package (class IV hitch and transmission cooler), 30,000 miles, bed liner, tinted windows. Blue with gray cloth interior. An interesting feature on the newer Fords is that the shocks are outside of the axels so that the turns are much smoother. This thing corners better than Rhonda the Honda! It accelerate like the wind and highway driving is a breeze! It is very comfortable and so quiet in the cab! On the drive home, John and I discovered that it has a bumpin' system as well!

One of the features I was looking for was a backseat for Charley. I wanted the half doors so that he could get in and out easily. A cool thing about this truck is that the back windows roll down! When we got home after 11pm last night we brought Charley outside to see his sweet new ride and he jumped right in and sniffed around. I don't think he quite realized that he gets to keep it! It is a little strange that my animals are the number one concern in my truck shopping. Safety for the horse and comfort for the dog. The fact that I am now an official Horse Lady is a mere bonus for me!

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