Monday, September 8, 2008

No more pinned ears!

Well, at least he wasn't in pain! Even though it has been rainy, I was really craving a ride. Having a job and school really makes me want to get out there and relax! Not that ole Sabumi would ever let me relax...
We started by tacking up and bridling has taken a step back, we ended up with the bridle over the leather halter. I really just don't like the way it looks to have a halter and bridle on at the same time. There is nothing wrong with it, but I just am not a fan. Anyhow, we longed for a few minutes at the walk and trot to warm up and then I got on and had John longe us. John asked him to trot and he picked it up immediately and had his ears forward. It wasn't until I asked him to trot that he pinned his ears. So, having decided that it wasn't a pain issue, I just kept my leg on him so that he couldn't slow down. As soon as he would flick his ears forward I would ask him to walk as a reward for the positive attitude. After we had John unhook us from the line he was pretty good, no acting up or head tossing. So, after a few laps of trot and good behavior we took a field trip! We left the paddock/arena area and had to walk through a big and muddy puddle while crossing the gate! Boomer was totally fine about it! He doesn't stand still very well unless Johon is by his head. We need to work on that! After John secured that gate we went towards the other gate which leads to the gravel road. Boomer spooked and trotted forward and I asked him to walk and he stopped short and snorted at a puddle about 15 feet in front of us. So, I had John stand still and we circled him at a walk until Boomer relaxed. We then went up the gravel road and walked a circle in the grassy field. He was pretty excited, but not out of control. He balked and didn't want to leave though, the grass was too delicious looking! We walked back and I jumped off and untacked him! I even left him tied to his Blocker tie ring while I put his tack away and got his food! He didn't act at all upset about being tied!
You know, I have been waiting to leave a review on the Blocker web site until something happend and I could tell them how great/terrible their product was. But, nothing has happened. Boomer can move around while tied and he comes in contact with the end of the rope all of the time, but he has never pulled back! I don't know how to explain it except that he doesn't feel as confined because there is a lot more movement with the ring and eye bolt.
All in all, it was a really great day! Something about riding him down that gravel road really made me feel like I was riding him. I can ride my very own horse which I have broken and trained myself. Of course, he only walks and can sort of trot, but who said baby steps don't feel good?!! Heck, it has only been two months!

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