Friday, September 12, 2008

Checking up on old goals!

I was reading back through the blog and it really made me realize how much progress we have made. Also, I found a list of goals from about 5 weeks ago.
  1. fear of water (check)
  2. fear of tarp (check)
  3. pick up back feet (in progress)
  4. bridle easily (almost)
  5. ride (check)
  6. work on responsiveness to cues
  7. work or turns and going straight
  8. fear of trailer
Now, 5 weeks later, we have accomplished all of those things except for the trailer. That really puts things into perspective.

Wednesday was rainy and I was at work all day so John came out and fed and groomed Boomer. I can't believe how quickly John has picked all of this up! He started riding in May and he can now go out on his own and groom, longe, and feed! Not to mention what a help he is with mending fences and killing spiders! I really wish we had a big old QH for him to ride. Something dead broke would be good, but I have a feeling we would need to trade it in pretty quickly! I know, I know... never buy a horse for someone to 'grow in to'.

Thursday I skipped class because I wasn't feeling well and was a little overwhelmed with school readings, work meetings, and the rain interrupting my training schedule! I can not believe how much it rains in northern Oklahoma! Seriously, we have 4 days of rain, two weeks for it to dry up and then it rains again! WITHOUT FAIL!!! Don't get me wrong, I love the rain. I just hate the mud! I wouldn't even mind Boomer being muddy if we had somewhere dry to ride. John and I went out together and took a few bales of hay. Boomer goes through about three bales a week lately and our usual feed store hasn't been able to bring any in because of the rain. So we went to a new place. The hay was $1.50 cheaper but was significantly lighter also. I guess it all balances out in the end. I dewormed Boomer also. The first time we did it, he was fine. This time he was a pill! I was by myself at the moment and being stubborn as I am, I wouldn't give up until it was done. I tired getting him to lower his head, rubbing the tube by his mouth, calming him down. Oh, did I mention we are in a metal shed and it is pouring rain? Anyway, want to know what worked? Grabbing an ear and shoving it in. Like a charm.

Today, there is no rain yet. I need to get a double ended snap to fix the gate. Again. I will try to longe him if it isn't too slick. Maybe if the sun comes out I will try to ride him after John gets off work.

Oh, I am in the process of trading in my Honda Civic for a truck. I want an F150 4x4, 5.4 V8, towing package, extended cab, less than 50,000 miles. For under $15,000. I have found a few but they aren't local. Maybe I will get something done on that soon. Maybe not. I hope so, it would be nice to be able to haul a useful amount of hay. Using two cars to get three bales of hay is stupid.

More pictures later, not surprisingly- the computer isn't working with the printer OR camera again!!!

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