Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Can you say 'procrastination'?

Heather here, doing what I do best! I have a 5 pager due on Friday. 1200 words. I bet I have typed 1200 words into Google, answering emails, and blogging since I started procrastinating this evening. Now, I shouldn't sell myself short, I have 954 words so far! I am SO CLOSE!!! I am writing on the pros and cons of media mergers. What that has to do with Library and Information Studies, I can not figure out. That seems to be the way things go with this program though.

The vet came out this morning and said Boomer is doing well. His sutures can come out on Sunday evening. I just need to pull up on the loose end, cut under the knot and pull it out. Sounds easy, huh? I will have John there and if Boomer allows it, we will film the process. Boomer is allowed out of his confinement and can resume activity after I get the sutures out. When I let him go he wandered around, grazed and touched noses with his neighbors. I thought he would run and play, but no. Just a very happy looking horse, ears forward and eyes bright. We were both happy.
Almost forgot, the vet sedated Boomer and went to work on his sheath, Boomer kicked. The vet twitched Boomer, Boomer kicked. The vet tried without gloves, Boomer kicked. The vet tried the other side, Boomer kicked. This was partially expected on my part. He has always let me touch him before, but in the past few weeks he has gotten more and more cantankerous about it. The vet said he had always heard that horses could kick while sedated, but this was the first he had seen of it! They were not half-hearted kicks either! He wants me to try and watch him pee sometime soon and if he doesn't drop down all the way or if his stream is a spray instead of a nice steady stream he wants me to bring him in so he can put him in the stocks to clean it. HA! I'll get right on that! Even if we had a trailer, I would anticipate at least two weeks before he is comfortable in the trailer and at least another two weeks before we can take him off the property! So, yeah. Oh, the vet's twitch was awesome! It was a long wooden pole, like a walking stick, still had the bark on it! The rope was attached with a brass fitting and it had a brass name plate on it! Fancy!
I got a few pictures, but can't upload until John gets home Friday night, which I am sooo ready for! I miss you baby!!!
OK, back to the paper I go.

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