Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Why do I feel so busy?

I swear, I don't do anything all day but I always feel busy! The power went out for about an hour yesterday while I was trying to upload pictures from the horse show.
Here they are:

Here is the lineup for a purebred English pleasure class. It was a very good class.

Here are the top ten riders waiting to see who will be reserve and national champions. I really liked all of the banners and lights hanging above!
This man was really old and hunch backed, but he was a real crowd favorite! We later learned that he was an Auschwitz survivor! We saw his prelim class as well as this class, where he earned a top ten.
Here are a few dorks in the crowd!
Here is the winner of the costume class. Her horse was a really nice one. Her costume was also very good.
I thought this was a cool picture!
This one was my other favorite. She got top ten. Her horse reminded me of Stolen Fire, my horse from when I was a kid! He was the same color chestnut, with tall white socks, and a big blaze.

Boomer is doing well. I worked him pretty hard yesterday. I set up some low jumps by putting one end of a 2x4 about 8 inches up the fence and letting the other side rest on the ground. I put two on some side of the paddock and one on the other side to make it easy for him to get the right distance around the lunge circle. He did very well. He will, by no means ever be a jumper, but he tried and I think he enjoyed himself! I also longed him over the tarp a little and then went to the back of his paddock and worked on cantering. He is still a little pissy about cantering. He will pick up the canter but doesn't want to stay in it. When I try to make him stay in it he sometimes stops and bucks. He did that once yesterday and I ignored his response and calmly made him walk on and then trot for a LONG time, then when I asked for the canter again, he was fine. I think that ignoring his stupidity is the best tactic. I think, but haven't decided for sure. Overall, very good. I gave him today off. I let him out in to the open area in front of the paddocks so that he could graze and have a change of scenery. He seems to have enjoyed himself. He wasn't too keen on being caught though! Sabumi can be really funny about being caught. He sometimes walks right up to me, sometimes he walks away and then circles back to me, other times he walks until I catch him. Always though, as soon as I am near his head, he stops because he knows he is caught. Sometimes he is a grump about putting the halter on and pins his ears. Other times he puts his nose right in. He can be moody, I guess that is just him.

Other items of note:
I cut my own hair last night
Welch's White Grape Pomegranate juice is awesome
I want more stuff than I need and may very well have my 'wants' and 'needs' confused :)
I want a new saddle
I need a trailer
See why that is confusing?

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