Monday, October 13, 2008


Here are pictures I uploaded to John's computer of Boomer, the new cat, and a video of Charley!

Looking good at day 5.

Still looking good when the vet came out.

Boomer got all drugged up for his unsuccessful sheath cleaning. I did post about that, right? He kicked and kicked even when he was this drunk! The vet said I was welcome to trailer him in so that we could use the stocks. We will get right on that.

Looking peaceful, grazing while the sedative wears off.

Sutures ripped out. Ugh.

New cat! She is just a tiny thing with no tail! Very cute and friendly! She looks like a llama!

Llama Cat! Watch out! Charley is lurking behind you!

Here Charley decided that the exercise ball is his new favorite toy! He had a blast with it!

Here Charley balances on the ball and walks around backwards! Then he pops the ball. That was a short lived toy!

This is Charley last March at Lake Thunderbird in Norman. Charley was 10 months old and cute as heck!

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Kim said...

Charlie's adorable! I have a 8 month old brown with black stripes (almost like a bay horse) La Mancha (breed) wether (a wethered goat is the same as a gelded horse, a male who cant reproduce) goat, named Charlie brown, and he's so cute. I have no idea what he weighs now, but when he matures at 3 or 4, he could probably be a cart goat.. that would be really cute.