Wednesday, October 22, 2008


You will be glad to know that I borrowed John's lappytop and have a TON of pictures for you!!!

I am debating on if I should just post them all here or do a separate post for Charley, Boomer, and the horse show. Hmm... while we wait, Youtube is uploading about 6 videos! I will start with Boomer since he doesn't have any videos uploading! Yesterday we took him for a walk to enjoy the sunshine. He has been so good lately. I am really happy with him. I would like to try and ride him again later this week if weather permits. It has been pouring for 24 hours. Again. Anyway, we walked through the new hay barn and he was totally fine with it. We grazed a little and John got artistic with the camera. Then we turned him out in a paddock and got him to show off and took more pictures.

These were taken by me a week or so ago:
Looking better!

One good lookin' Cowboy!

Doesn't he look like a sweet little angel?
He is quite the trickster!

These are the pictures John took yesterday:


Kim said...

These are some really great pictures!

I really like them!

Heather said...

Thanks! We have a lot of fun hanging out and taking pictures when we get one of those rare days that we don't have a million things to do!