Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pictures and such!

Everything is going well. Wednesday morning the vet will come back out and check the sutures and clean Boomer's sheath while he is sedated. I'll make sure and get a video of that! HA, kidding!
Boomer is being really aggressive and angry the past few days. I am thinking it is because he is confined, hurting, and probably bored and frustrated. But, at the same time I'm not sure how to handle it in the given situation. He pins his ears frequently and makes attempts at biting. He has also kicked out at me twice. Today I took a long riding crop in his pen with me and when he started to turn towards me and duck his rump like he wanted to double barrel me, I whopped him one on the butt. After that he kept his hind end away from me and watched me intently. I am trying to be patient, but there is never an excuse for dangerous behavior.
John was here for a day and we had a blast. We went to the fair and watched the draft horse pull contest and the mounted shooting contest! Both were actually really awesome! After the fair we went up to Caney, KS to the motor speedway. I had won tickets to the drag race and it was AWESOME!!! John loved it and I got a thrill out of it! It made my heart pound being so close to those cars! We saw about 6 races and there were parts flying, wrecks, and all kinds of crazy stuff. We even saw a 14 year old boy win a race against adults. Apparantly it was nothing new to the regulars.First thing in the AM, the vet was on his way.

Close up.

The vet scrubbed it with iodine.

The vet sutured up the inner fatty tissue with 5 or 6 sutures. The are absorbable so we will never have to see them again! Here he is working on the flesh also.

Two sides done!

All stitched up! He is on 30 grams of Tucoprim a day and will have 10 days of stall rest. We can resume training after 14 days.

The culprit. There is hair around the nut, blood all over it, and the yellow stuff is fat. It seems that he was rubbing on the corner post and the wire at the bottom of the fence panel popped off and the panel slammed to the side and his shoulder went right onto the bolt.

Here is his temporary stall. Brandi, the new boarder had these fence panels handy! The are secured with chains to the shed. The blue tub is his water. The vet told me not to even hand walk him unless he is getting stocked up or antsy. I am supposed to to a cold water rinse daily, which Boomer does not like.

Day 2 or 3

*Edit- I now have a youtube account. Go to and search under the user name booksarenerdy. Thats me! Check out the video of Charley and the cat!


Kim said...

It looks like it will heal better than I imaged. But probably because the vet did a great job suturing it. Too bad this happened though. The horse has to go on rest, and be penned, and it equals a mad Arabian. I can imagine all this has equaled his attitude and behavior, and feel sorry for the horse, but would still have to let him know he cant be mean to you, it's not your fault after all. And it's a really good idea to file it down so it doesn't even stick out an inch. Anything sticking out, they can hurt themselves on.

BTW, I thought you were serious about the whole videotaping the vet and the sheath cleaning, lol! I would have thought it educational! lol.. I am thinking of having the vet look at my horses teeth, and see if they need any work, and thought maybe I should have the vet clean his sheath too. I have picked and scraped a lot of smegma and crusty crap out and off it already, (but not without gloves lol!) but only doing as much as I can at a time, since he will kick with the opposite side that I am on, and if I pester him to much longer after that, then he starts using the same leg I am on. But I am sure there is still hidden smuck the vet could clean out. It looked like it hadn't been cleaned out in longer than a year, it looked like it hadn't been cleaned out in 3 years.. which is how long the owner had owned him before I got him.

Btw, the fair and races sounds might fun! I really like the draft breeds. And I really like Frisians because I like the combination of their build, color, and their mane and tail. And I really like the disposition I have read they have. And I have read a Arabian Friesian is a nice combo. Here's a picture:

Anyways, I hope 2 weeks fly by for you.. although I am sure the next 2 weeks will feel like forever! but I sure hope it does fly by for you!

Heather said...

That link shows a nice horse! We saw Belgian horses doing the pulling contest. The team that won pulled a sled with over 10,000 pounds of cinder blocks on it! Those two horses can pull more than my truck!

Kim said...

Now thats some serious horsepower! wow! I was just trying to workout with 10 lb weights, and doing all kinds of little exercise workouts for my arms lol.. I guess one has to start somewhere, but theres no way I could even compete with one of those horses.. not even a baby Belgian lol!

I probably couldn't even lift a newborn Belgian unless it was like 100 lbs, and if I could lift it, probably only for 10 seconds lol.. now if it was a 30 lb newborn mini horse, I'd probably hold it ALL day! lol :)