Wednesday, March 4, 2009

2009 Ride Season

If all goes well with the trailer training in the following month, I would like to start hauling out to trails once a week or so so get him used to riding in familiar locations starting about mid April. I would like to do most of our training rides at Lake Oolagah which is an hour away, Bell Cow Lake or Lake Carl Blackwell which are both 2 hours away. These last two places are supposed to have the nicest trails. If that goes well, here is my ideal ride schedule for this introductory season!

May 23 & 24
Joe Tate Memorial
Washburn, MO
This would be a good overnight experience
we could do the two LD rides
It would be about 4.5 hours one way

June 27
Spur of the Moment
Finley, OK
This is about 3.5 hours away

July 18
Hotter Than Hell
Lake Oolagah
Foyil, OK
This is about an hour away
The Hotter Than Hell series is limited to the
first 20 entrants who mail in their entries after June 1st

August 1
Hotter Than Hell
Pushmataha WMA
Clayton, OK
This is almost 4 hours away

August 18
Hotter Than Hell
Bell Cow Lake
Chandler, OK
About 2 hours away

September 19
Okmulgee Cougar Prowl
Okmulgee, OK
About 1.5 hours away

October 3
Indian Territory Elevator Ride
Oolagah, OK
About an hour away

October 17
No Hands Fall Rollercoaster
Eureka, MO
This is about 5.5 hours away
We will probably skip this one

November 27 & 28
Season Finale
Stillwater, OK
This one is 2 hours away

The only thing I haven't figured out yet is what to do with the horse at night. The rides start early Saturday morning so we will get to camp out overnight on Friday night. I don't think I trust the horse being tied to the trailer. I guess we can put him in the trailer over night. There is a portable corral system that collapses down to a very manageable size and can be set up to be attached to the trailer and make a pretty large corral to contain the horse(10' x 10', plus length of trailer). I think that would be the best option for overnighting with a horse that pulls back when tied. Of course, it is expensive ($550 plus $150 shipping from California). So, I think the best thing to do is to experiment a little this season and if all goes well and we want to continue the next season, I should think about investing in a Cart A Corral then.

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