Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hoof pictures!

I have been trimming Boomer's hooves every 4 weeks and this past week was the third trim I have done on him. It is a huge learning process and I find myself reading about hoof trimming and balance on an almost daily basis. Here are pictures of his hooves as of yesterday. The right hooves both look longer in the heel than the lefts, I am going to go out and check on that/fix it today. Other than that, how do they look?
Front Left
Front Left Sole
Front Right
Front Right Sole

Hind Left
Hind Left Sole
Hind Right
Hind Right Sole

Here is Charley being awesome!
Sometimes I think Charley is the most popular feature on this blog!

Look forward to remodel pictures, we are working on the back bath/laundry room!

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