Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I should be studying for genetics...

I have a genetics test Friday but that is a subject that has always come easily to me. I understand it and love it and find it fascinating. But, I am having a hard time studying because I feel like I already know everything in these three chapters. I know I SHOULD study, just in case, but I don't WANT to!

Friday is also the day I am going to go get the B&W Turnover Ball hitch installed in my truck! Luckily, the place is just down the road and installation takes only an hour and a half! Then, I get to pick up the trailer on Thursday the 2nd! The bad news? John has to be out of town all next week for work on short notice. So, Picking up the trailer and driving almost 3 hours home will have to be something I do with my own big girl self! I know I can do it, but it would be nice to have John with me for moral support! When I worked for the polo guy he let me use his truck for chores and picking up hay/feed. It was an older F350 stick shift. I taught myself to drive a standard in that big ole' truck and if I can do that, I can haul a trailer!

It rained last night and the thunder and lightning was crazy. It was the loudest thunder I have ever heard! We also got hail and our frond walkway was a pond this morning. Needless to say, my ride today didn't go quite like I thought it would! We pretty much just walked for an hour but we did do some very valuable things! The whole pasture was soggy, but not muddy. There was lots of standing water and the pond was over filled. At first, Boomer was avoiding standing water with everything he had and by the end of the hour he was splashing through with no problem! The dirt road over the creek was flooded and I hand walked him over it the first time and he walked right through on the way back! He also went into the pond and after I got off I saw that he had been in up to his knees! Another huge thing was that he did not hesitate to drink from puddles of standing water, the creek, or the pond. Though the day didn't go as planned, and we did have a few arguments about walking (walk forward, not backwards you dork!), I think that the ride was very productive and we covered some very important things! Though I may curse the mud and rain and flooding, it is a very useful training tool!

I have been trying to take the horses pulse for ages now and never can feel it. I think it is a 'me problem' because I have a hard time finding mine also. Well, I tried his neck, his left jaw, both of his fetlocks, and finally found it in his right jaw! His resting heart rate after our workout and eating dinner is 32bpm. Pretty low! I have seen averages ranging from 30-40 to 36-46 being the average resting heart rate.

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