Thursday, April 23, 2009

Another good ride!

Yesterday afternoon was nearing 90 degrees.
I think Sabumi knew that he shouldn't waste energy on his usual silly antics.
We didn't have our usual warm-up struggle at all!
He didn't spook once or argue with me.
He wasn't too strong and he listened when I rated him.
We did lots of steady trotting, as usual.
We also did quite a bit of cantering.
We did 8 minutes of cantering straight, which was big for him.
He picked up both leads well, and did a few flying changes around the bends.
Once when he did get a little feisty, we happened to be near the little hill.
So we did about 10 minutes of figure eights up and down the hill.
Neck reining is also coming along well!
I hosed him off and he had some serious foam between his back legs.
He really used that hind end!

Today, he was a little sore in the rear, so I gave him a massage instead of riding.
The same muscle in his rump on either side was a little knotty.
He seemed to enjoy the massage.

Tomorrow I want to take it really slow with him, walking for 20 minutes, trotting for 20 minutes, and walking/working on neck reining for 20 minutes.

The weekend is off because John and I will be in OKC for the marathon!!!

Sometime next week I want to haul back out to Copan and see how he does in the lead/alone on the trails. After that, we plan on going to Lake Carl Blackwell to camp overnight!

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Shanster said...

Awesome! I can't wait for the hot weather to help my naughty 6 yr old behave... no. Wait. I CAN wait for the hot weather. I'm digging the 60 and 70 degree days! :)