Saturday, April 11, 2009

Haulin' A$$!!!

Trailer training may be the first and only thing that Boomer has learned/progressed faster than expected! I had expected him to take about 4 weeks before we could drive our first few feet. Today, we have had the trailer for 9 days and we hauled the horse to Lake Copan for an adventure! He has been progressing everyday. He has never panicked or felt rushed as we have been taking the process one step at a time. Yesterday, we loaded him up, shut him in his stall, started the truck, and pulled forward 10 feet, backed up, pulled forward, and backed up. He was totally fine. So, after practicing backing up for a while today, we loaded up the horse and started driving towards Copan. It is about a 17 minute drive. We parked and unloaded with no problem. We walked around and grazed for about 30 minutes, then loaded up and came home. Overall, not very exciting. It was a huge step though. I was very happy with how calmly he handled the whole situation. He was nervous until we got onto the highway and then he calmed down. So, now I feel like we are ready to start hauling around and doing real training rides on the weekends!

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Pink Pearl Strand said...

Jetta was surprisingly quick with trailering too! Maybe it's an Arab thing (: