Monday, April 6, 2009

Trailer time!!!!!

I got the trailer!!! I am so super pumped about it! It is everything I wanted and ordered and then some! My dad and I drove to pick it up on Friday morning. We had to have a brake control installed there and then we hitched up and were on our way! Hauling it actually was not as difficult as I thought it would be. I was careful about my turns and always stayed in my own lane.

When we got home I fed Boomer in it. I put his feed pan in the doorway and he ate out of it with no problem. The next day I put his feed pan a little farther in thinking he would have to be closer and stretch his neck, but he stepped right in with both front legs! So, I backed him out and did it over again and eventually he walked right in with all four legs! I had thought it would take a minimum of a week before he was in the thing. What a great motivator food can be! It also probably helped that he was used to walking on the platform and wasn't startled by the sound of his hooves on the floor. The next day, we did the same thing over again, but I had John close the gate behind us and reopen it while Boomer ate. He did that a few times, leaving us shut in for longer periods of time. Boomer was totally fine with it!

On to the pictures:

Here is the B&W gooseneck hitch. It is a turnover ball, which means that it is a hitch when I need it and I can have my truck bed back when I don't!

In 'storage' mode:
Pull out the lever:

Flip it over:

Secure the lever and voila! the hitch is ready to go:

Here is the trailer:
It is 16' long with a 4' straight wall tack room. There is a full gate divider in the middle of the horse area making two 6'x6' box stalls.

I didn't specify what kind of back gate I wanted, so they installed the slider gate at no extra charge! I like this gate because it is easier to slip in and out of for people:

We had 11x20 inch windows with screens installed on either side of the nose so that it wouldn't be so dark and stuffy in the tack room:

We are storing the spare tire in the 4'x6' tack room until we get locking lug nuts for the tires:

John and I are going to put a mattress in the nose for sleeping:

Here, the gate is up diving the horse part into the box stalls:

Here, it is open and you can see the escape door in the first stall is open. We bought the floor mats separately and John trimmed them to fit:

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