Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Busy week!

I have been keeping Boomer out in the big 17 acre pasture for the past few days to let his paddock dry up and have a little 'recovery time'. I think he was thrilled with the idea at first but has gradually realized it isn't quite what he thought it would be. He is very obviously low man on the totem pole. He is not allowed to graze, travel, or lay down with the herd. He has three bites on his rump. Watching him these past few days has made me realize that he is more submissive than I had thought. He has been meeting me at the gate ready to come in every day. He has been very sweet to me also. I think he is realizing that I am the only one who is nice to him, plus I give him food!

Today, I lunged him in the big hay field and he was very good. I think he was happy to have a job to do. We mostly trotted but he did pick up the canter on his own a few times which I allowed and praised. We worked for about 30 minutes or so and he got a little sweaty on his shoulder/neck area but it dried quickly. I groomed him and worked on his hooves a little. I think I gain more confidence with each trim. I am getting more 'aggressive' and confident with taking off a little more wall. It still wears my arms out, but I was able to trim all four feet in one day! We have an appointment with the Vet on Monday for shots and coggins. I wonder if it was weird for the vet to hear me on the other end of the line with something other than an emergency!

No, I haven't forgotten about the remodel pictures, I'll get it done soon!

Family is coming this weekend to celebrate my dad's birthday so I am busy cleaning and putting off mowing the lawn!

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