Friday, April 24, 2009

Review session

It came to my attention recently that all of our fun, exciting rides out in the pasture had led us to neglect some basics. Before we started conditioning we worked on lots of long and low frame circles, bends, etc. We also worked of leg yields, turns on haunches, and backing. After a few weeks of not focusing on those things I have noticed Boomer getting more high headed and less able to do a correct circle. Today was going to be a slow day anyway, mostly to let him stretch his muscles from our last few hard rides. I decided to work in the fenced area above the paddocks because it was a windy, spooky day. We worked for 30 minutes and did mostly circles, working on getting him soft and bendy. We also did some leg yields that I was very happy with. We worked on staying soft in the bridle at the halt and back. We mostly walked with about 10 minutes of light sitting trot. I was very happy with him and his effort today. He spooked a few times but other than that, he was great! For the level he is at, I couldn't ask for more from him!

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Shanster said...

Such a good boy he is!

I had an interesting time with my mare this weekend. She is very "opinonated" and doesn't like to be "told" what to do. Esp. with new stuff... we've been workign on canter pirouette. Totally new to me and to my mare. She's been pretty obstinate - she is completely capable - it's her MIND that makes it harder than it needs to be...

anyway, had my trainer get on her to sort of check our progress and see if the work we've been doing is making a difference...

she had a little come to jesus meeting with my mare about the canter pirouette. SO informative for me! That work is new to me so I really appreciated help from someone who knew how it's supposed to go ya know?

It's also really fun to watch your horse go... I never get to see her cuz I'm always the one on her.

Fun times, fun times! :)