Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Uh oh!

What have I done???
It was only a matter of time.
With as much internet horsing as I do, it was bound to happen.
The day has come.
Click the far right picture here.
His name is Zzorro.
He is tall, chestnut, tons of white, and a spot.
It is that spot that did me in.
Fire had one.
It must be the Bask breeding.
I emailed the owner.
I couldn't help it.
He is three, has been started lightly and is ridden outside three days a week.
He goes in a hackamore or snaffle.
They swing a rope off of him.
I think he is too cute.
Why, you ask, do I want another horse?
Because it is more of a good thing.
I could ride twice as much.
I could love twice as much.
And he reminds me of Fire.
I do not need another horse.
I do not need another horse.
I do not need another horse.
Not to mention, he is in California and WAY out of my price range.


Shanster said...

Keep telling yourself that... it still doesn't work! :) You are doing so great with Sabumi, why NOT add another one?

You'd think with the economy that there would be wiggle room in price...

I'm obviously not the one to ask!

Heather said...

If only John was of the same opinion! He is coming around, but somehow I think I should give him at least a year between purchases!