Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Busy enough to warrant two posts in a day!

A few updates:

John and I are going back to Lawrence on Monday and Tuesday to get the apartment rented, get a storage unit, and get a PO box.  I want to take the truck and take a bed, table, chairs, some kitchen stuff, etc.  The movers will only take stuff to one location and I think it would be a hassle to have them move everything to the storage unit, then personally have to find and move a select few items to the apartment.  This is what we got a truck for, right?  Who knew you have to get a PO box in person?  I paid for it online, but they wont give me the physical address until I show them 2 forms of ID.  So, having that would help me in having our mail forwarded, magazines changed, and bills forwarded.  

I got my summer Chemistry class paid for and my book came in the mail today.  I am working away at my genetics course and am ready for Chem to start on June 2nd.  

I rode the horse bareback again today in the round pen.  He is actually surprisingly fine with my flying mount from the ground.  I need a video of that, for sure.  He responds just as well in a halter/leadrope as he does with a bit.  I really would like to try him in a hackamore, but know little about them.  We worked on neck reining, backing, and spins.  All were just as good as in a bit.  Very cool.  I also free longed him in the round pen and worked on backing on voice command.  He just doesn't really like to back up.  It is getting better, but very slowly.  

Once John gets back from his run we are going to go back out there and I am going to try to flush out the horses tear duct.  He has had a weepy eye for a about two weeks.  For the last week I have been rinsing it daily with mild success.  Flushing it is what the vet recommended, so we will give it a try.  


Shanster said...

I never could jump on bareback... think it is so cool.

I used to try and try on my now 31 yr old gelding back in the day... you could always see him flinch as I ended up kneeing him in the hip or lower back every single time and never getting up on his back. Poor guy.

I finally gave up and am forever condemned to using stirrups or climbing up from a fence rail...

he was 15.3 and my horses now are 16 and 16.3. Besides, I'm way LESS flexible than I was in my 20's if that is possible.

Heather said...

I was equally surprised that I could do it as I was at Boomer being so good about it! I end up with my leg over his back and my left leg around his front leg, then I use my left leg to push against him as I pull on his mane with both fists to climb up. I think I feel much more graceful than I must look!