Monday, May 11, 2009

Well, what do you know...

John and I went out to work with Boomer and we had our plan all set out.   We put a horse cookie in the front of the trailer, set up two corral panels about 15 feet back, and I tried to get the horse to come in.   No dice.  So, I got out, wrapped the lead around his neck, stood to the side so that he was blocked on one side with the trailer door, behind with the panels, and one the left side by me.  I pointed into the trailer, tapped his hip with the crop and he stepped in and ate his cookie.  

I led him out, and once again, he stepped in when I tapped him.  He didn't eat his cookie that time.  Third time, I pointed and he loaded, no tapping!  I gave him a cookie.  We unloaded, closed the divider and I asked him to load into the back stall.  He was leery, but he did it with a tap on the hip.  He was nervous when we shut the door, but I wanted him to know that the back stall was just as big as the front stall.  I unloaded him and pointed and he got back in without me tapping him.  No cookies the 4th or 5th time.  

Here is what was different:
no grain bribe
closed the space behind him
I was outside of the trailer
no pressure whatsoever on the lead rope

After that we hand walked and grazed him, washed his tail, and trimmed his front feet.  All in all, it was a great day!

Also, I steam cleaned our carpets, cleaned windows, did laundry, got the study totally presentable, the bedrooms are almost ready.  Our house is almost ready to sell!  We have a meeting tomorrow with a realtor tomorrow at 4:15.  

I have also been making it a point to stay up past 11 (2 hours after John turns in) and it has really helped my sleep issues.  Last night I stayed up steam cleaning and eating Nutty Bars.  I think John thought I was crazy!


John said...

i resent your posting my bedtime.! ;)holy crap i'm an old man!

Shanster said...

Heh - I was reading thinking you guys go to bed way late! I have to be in by 9... sometimes I'd like to be in bed by 8!

Geez, you were a PRODUCTIVE human this weekend weren't you?!

Heather said...

It sure sounds that way, but you should see the house... Stuff is everywhere. I feel like the kid who hides stuff under the bed when cleaning, except now, I'm hiding stuff in the only room that hasn't been steam cleaned :)