Friday, May 29, 2009

Things I have gotten done so far...

Things are starting to happen quickly around here! 
 I got name plates ordered and put on my bridle and halter.  I also got the matching, waterproof hood (on summer sale) and took that, the blanket, and cooler to be embroidered.  I pick those things up next Thursday.  We are moving the horse to a full care boarding facility with about 20 boarders and 40 horses.  So, labeling your stuff is of upmost important in situations like those.  Not to say that people are bad.  Not at all.   It is just that things get borrowed and if it isn't labeled, it can be hard to get back.  Especially in open tack rooms, new riders have a hard time knowing what is school tack and what is someone's personal stuff.  

I also got the plug put in the truck bed.  That will make travel so much easier, and for only $35, who could say no!  It is located on the left side wall just in front of the tail gate.  

I am working on getting things together that we will want to take with us to the apartment.  I am trying to include things we will need as well as things the movers wont take.  Lets play a little game, I will list things I have stacked in the living room to take this weekend and you guess which are 'we need em' items and which are 'won't move em' items!
Card table and chairs, bed, linens, guns, ammo, plates, flatware, cast iron skillet, horse clippers, bulk supplement buckets, venus fly trap, orchid, box of documents/files, check books, address books, and other stuff I haven't piled up yet.  

Oh, we might brave Copan lake tonight or tomorrow and see if the flooding has receded enough for a trail ride! 

I also really need to finish up my Genetics homework.  I am so close to turning it in, I can almost feel it!  My genetics class is self- paced and online.  I have one year to complete it and when I finish, I will get a transcript from OSU and will be able to use it towards my Vet School pre reqs.  There are 12 assignments and 4 exams.  I am about to finish assignment 2.  On Tuesday, my online Chemistry class will start.  It is not self-paced, so it will take priority over genetics as needed.  Though necessary, it will be difficult for school to take priority over the move.  God am I glad we cancelled the wedding party.  Talk about back burner!  

Our house should be listed very soon.  We got a suggested price and it looks good.  We won't get back what we paid for it, most likely.  But, with Schlumberger's incentive program, if we sell quickly we will get a 10% bonus, so no matter!  We really just want to pay off the mortgage, thought having a little for a down payment would be awesome!  I'll get a picture of the sign in the yard as soon as it happens.  


John said...

okay, here it goes:

we need to take the guns and ammo- the moving company won't move the rest of it!

that was an easy one...

casstheamazinghorse said...

Good idea about the name tags! I'll have to get some of those for my move as well...

Hope the lake area is dry enough for you to get out and ride!

And best of luck with your house - you are very lucky to have gotten a good offer in this market

Shanster said...

yeah I lost a fleece cooler that way once... sigh. I knew it was my own fault... never did get it back.

Well no fair when John is playing!

Heather said...

There are still at least three things he didn't mention. Like John really knows anything on the 'do not pack' list! HAHA!