Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More rain

All I want is a day of sunshine.  Please, let that be tomorrow!!!

Today was the day I had to give Boomer his Flu/Rhino booster.  Of course it is pouring down rain.  I have given lots of IV injections, mostly of Banamine.  For some reason, IM injections freak me out and I have probably given less than 5 in my life.  I have had a number of people offer to let me inject their horses, but I have always chickened out.  I am just squeamish about how hard I will have to push to get the needle in.  So, I was a little nervous today.  I had John hold Boomer and I curried and groomed on his neck a little.  He was a little cranky from the rain and probably because he isn't as used to John.  I made my triangle (draw a line along the neck from the Altus/base of skull to the line of shoulder, draw another line along the top of the neck along the ligament, draw a line along the line of shoulder) thumped him a few times with my knuckles, tented his skin, pricked him, aspirated the needle, and plunged.  It was all over quickly and he only jumped a little at the stick.  I gave him a cookie and had John give him a cookie and we were done.  It wasn't as bad for either of us as I anticipated!

On another note, I have had a few minor changes going on in  my life.  I have always had sleep issues and after months of tossing and turning for hours before sleeping, John and I decided that I should stay up after he goes to bed and study until I am tired.  For the last two nights it seems to be working, except that I sleep in later and I am tired all day.  I slept until 10am this morning and then took a nap from 12:30-2pm.  I only stayed up about 1-2 hours later than usual, so that issue is still working its self out.  

Another new thing is taking baths.  I have always been a germaphobe when it comes to bath tubs.  It gives me the heebie jeebies to think of all of the feet that have been where I am soaking.  Plus, dirty bath water... How is that not just gross to everyone?  John has solved my bath issue by being an excellent cleaner and introducing the idea of sitting down while the shower is going without plugging the tub!  So, now I take 45 minute steaming hot sitting showers.  

So, I sleep 14 hours a day and spend almost an hour in the shower.  No wonder I feel like I can't get anything done, I only have 9 available hours in my day!

Our local WamaLart is pretty spotty about carrying goat cheese, a weekly staple for me.  So, last week I bought two 6oz packages for the following two weeks in anticipation of the invariable outage the next week.  Though, I didn't plan for my habit doubling in consumption this week.  The stuff is like crack to me!  I can't stop.  I am in no way complaining.  I love goat cheese.  I love all cheese really, but goat cheese tops the list.  Monterrey Jack with Jalepenos (Fire Jack) is close second.  MMM... Goat cheese on rosemary and olive oil Triscuits.  I recently saw goat cheese flavored with ash.  The Homieland carries a few flavored goat cheeses, but they are twice as expensive as WamaLart so we usually don't buy.  But, this ash has me curious.  What kind of ash is it?  Volcanic? Cigarette? Cremation? Bonfire?  Generally, I like my goat cheese bold and unflavored.  This ash has me stuck though.  I want to try it, but I am afraid I need to know where the ash came from first.  


Shanster said...

Oh that is funny 'bout the ash and the goat cheese! Cremation... you are killin' me!

Yeah - I had an "accident" with an IM injection once. The horse ended up being fine but now I pay the vet to do it cuz it freaked me out so much! And I'd been doing my own IM vaccinations for years...

You aren't the only one germaphobe-y about baths... I know others who feel the exact same way. It doesn't make you a bad person. ha ha! :)

Heather said...

My biggest fear is breaking a needle off inside. How much would that suck?

Shanster said...

oh yeah - that would suck big time!!