Tuesday, May 19, 2009


What a weekend that was!  

We went to Lawrence, KS Friday-Tuesday to find a place for the horse and a place for us.  We had a really great time exploring the town and really fell in love with Lawrence.  What a great town!  Downtown is on Massachusetts St and has everything from sushi to a great bakery to a 'hole in the wall' bar called Joe Shmoe's that I got very drunk at on Sunday night *grin*!  The campus is beautiful and is way better than OU's campus.  I think it is because there are so many hills and the buildings are not built in a linear fashion all right next to each other.  So, you can look around and see trees, it is almost like the buildings blend in to the nature.  And the trees!  I'm not sure I have seen so many trees in a city before! 

We did find a few places to board the horse and we chose what we think is the best one.  It has a barn, paddocks, and pasture board.  It also has a small indoor arena and an outdoor sand dressage arena.  It has a pretty good sized trail system, including a 'ski hill' which is supposed to be really steep.  The place is also only about 15 minutes from Clinton lake, which has good trails.  It seems to be a busy place and they have a group lesson on Saturday afternoon.  The also have a wash rack with hot water!  I think that it looks pretty much perfect and I am so excited to have designated places to ride, especially an indoor!  It has been so frustrating for the weather to dictate my riding/training schedule!  Added bonus, the barn manager has had Arabians before!

We looked at two apartments for short term rent and only the first one was any good.  We got more information from the relocation company and we will probably put a deposit down on an apartment by the end of the week.  

We also plan on having the house on the market by the end of the week.  The company offers a buy out plan after 8 weeks, so we won't have to sit on the house for a ridiculous amount of time while we are already living in Lawrence.  

So far, it is looking like we will be moving the week of the 8th.  We plan to put most of our stuff in storage and just have the essentials in the apartment.  

We did drive around town and look at about 14 houses for sale.  We are starting to know the area and it was pretty easy to see what parts of town we wanted to live in.  Pretty much the best places are east of campus and in NW Lawrence.  

So, wish me luck in the next few weeks!  Our weather is supposed to be sunny and 80* for the next week, so lots of riding time!


Shanster said...

Wow - talk about your busy weekend! Sheesh! Sounds really productive, the barn sounds fabulous and you guys have no time to spare getting packed up and re-located! Good luck!!

Heather said...

After hearing that there will be about 3 weeks of 0 degree and windy weather in the winter, having a barn with stall board option seemed like a good idea!