Thursday, May 21, 2009

Calm before the storm?

Everything is starting to come together for the move.  We are going to put a deposit down on an apartment tomorrow, we have our storage unit picked out and will make a deposit a week before we move.  The movers are supposed to call me to set up a survey appointment.  We will then be able to set an actual date for the move.  John is supposed to meet  someone who might buy his RV in Norman on Saturday, so we will be moving some of our excess furniture to Edmond for my brother when he moves from California to Texas in August.  My dad is in town this weekend as well, so we will get to see him Sat-Mon.  Saturday is Charley's 2nd birthday!  

As for horse stuff, I have been pretty bummed about the whole endurance season.  I had hoped to do a ride a month starting in May.  Now it is looking more like a ride in Sept, 2-3 in October, and one in November.  All of those will be about 4-6 hours away at the least.  So, I have changed our riding goals a little.  Instead of doing so many hard conditioning rides, I am just focusing on getting on and riding.  I am trying to introduce him to new things each day as well.  Yesterday, we just walked around and worked on leg yields, circles, stopping and backing.  Our 'new thing' was me waving my arms around while we were walking.  Today, I finished trimming his feet (which he stood very well for!) and then I worked him in the round pen a little.  I hopped on him with just the halter and lead rope in the round pen and we worked on neck reining, stopping off my seat, and backing.  I got off of him and our 'new thing' today was me mounting him from the ground bareback!  At first he tried to move away, but on the second try he stood still as I pulled myself up and over!  I was actually surprised I could hop up like that!  I could barely do it when I was little on 14.2 hh Windy, and with 16.2 hh Fire I could only get up by climbing up his front leg!  

Sabumi's right eye has been weeping for about a week now and hasn't gotten any better.  It isn't swollen, he isn't holding it shut, and it doesn't seem itchy.  So, I flushed it out with eye rinse today and will keep doing that tomorrow and will take him to the vet clinic if he needs his nasal duct flushed.  Fire had that done once and it was very cool to watch!  

We move in about 20 days!


Shanster said...

Who's Charley? Let the countdown begin!

Hope all is well with Boomer's eye! Sorry your goals are rearranged but it still sounds like you'll get in some good rides this year!

Heather said...

Who is Charley??? Only the best dog EVER!!!