Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How the Mac has changed my life

Yup, I'm a Mac convert!  I was trying to decide between a Mac and Dell, and though Dell is more affordable- I really didn't want Vista.  John thinks that Mac builds a better machine, and I like the way they work.  So, we got a Mac Mini processor, keyboard, and mouse, and a Dell 20" HD LED widescreen monitor.  I couldn't be happier about the setup!  The dell screen was less than $200 while the cheapest Mac option was $899.  By mixing components, we made the purchase really very affordable!  
I love the new computer.  Mac is so easy to use and it is very involved.  Every aspect of the Mac programs want to be personalized to what I like and want.  There are so many helpful options, but nothing is cluttered.  Everything is well organized and easy to find.  iPhoto makes editing photos really easy!

After 10 straight days of rain, bringing the April rainfall total to over 6 inches, We had a day of little to no rain followed by a day that tried to have sunshine with no rain.  That was yesterday, so I rode the horse.  Let me start by giving you  few hints, then I'll let you fill in the blanks about how the ride went.  Almost two weeks without exercise, 10 days of mud=no running, the cows got weaned the night before, the farmers were driving around with dogs and cows following their trucks.  It was all I had in me to keep him at a walk.  He was jigging and prancing, which he has never done before, though his jig is very easy to sit and helped keep me very deep in the saddle, which I needed!  Occasionally, he would decided that where I pointed him was not where he wanted to go and he would just stop, head up, on his toes.  When I kept insisting that he go forward he started this weird head toss/pull that really got my goat.  So, pretty much the 30 minute ride was us circling the pasture at a walk on a tight rein with occasional power struggles that I always won, if just barely.  I have to say, he wasn't bad.  He didn't bolt, rear, or buck.  He always did what I asked, eventually.  He had a lot working against him.  I mean, have you ever heard a herd of cows who just had their babies taken away?  I wasn't upset with the ride, and really, that first ride had to come sometime.

After I got off, I lunged him for 20 minutes at the trot.  He was an angel, of course and didn't break a sweat.  So, weather pending, I want to start lunging him every day and I want to ride at least twice this week.  I would also like to go camping this weekend.  There is an endurance ride in Missouri on the 23 that I would like to enter.  The conditions are that I want to ride the horse a minimum of 3 times a week and camp over night at least once before then.  If those things don't happen, we will just have to wait until the end of June.  


John said...

two points:

1) we have a goat? no one told me!

2) i've never heard a herd, but it sounds exciting.

Shanster said...

We have farms that wean calves and those mama cows squaller up a storm. I totally understand! But wow - what a great boy to be so good with all that going on and with all that pent up energy!!