Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Busy and crazy!

There has been a ton going on around here!  We sold our Bville house and John actually made a little money on it, which was a surprise in this market!  We also made an offer on a house we really liked!  It was in a neighborhood I had been eyeing for a few weeks now.  We offered 3% below her asking price and she accepted, so we are thrilled!  Needless to say, our time has been taken up with lots of paperwork and frustrating loan officers.  

The temps have been hitting the triple digits for the last few days so I haven't been able to ride unless I get out to the barn by 9.  I went out this afternoon and just hose off the poor horse because he was soaked from the heat just standing around!  I have ridden him once since his freak out last week.  I rode him in the arena and he was really good.  His right bend is getting much better and his cantering is also getting calmer and more balanced.  I am trying to stay focused on the positives for now and working on the things I know I can do.  Next time I see Jim I am going to see if he can start working with us once or twice a week as soon as possible.  

Another thing I am getting help with is Chemistry.  The first three chapters were fine,  but this 4th chapter on Molarity, pH, and concentrations is really giving me a hard time.  So, I found a tutor from KU and I will start seeing her tomorrow afternoon.  Hopefully she will be a help and she only charges $15 per hour!  I was expecting to pay twice that!  So, hopefully I can see her 2-3 times a week.  Between the Chem tutor and horse training, I am spending $60-75 a week of money that I just don't have.  That $8000 tax credit is already spent.  

Speaking of spending money I don't have, I decided to get a new (used) saddle.  The more I assessed my needs as a rider right now, the more I leaned towards a western saddle.  I like the security, and Boomer is mostly working on slow work in the arena anyway.  I ride him like a western horse and do trails.  That is about it right now.  Sure, a custom fitted endurance saddle would be awesome, but more practical if I a) had the money or b) was riding endurance.  I check eBay every few days for used Circle Y arab saddles and I have seen a few come and go, but not many.  It just so happened that there was one this weekend.  It was pretty much everything I wanted/needed.  It is from the late 80's, which I have heard is the prime era for the Circle Y saddle.  It is in great shape and the only repair is it needs a new stirrup.  A Circle Y arab saddle new is about $1500 and this one was listed for $450.  It was just too good of a deal to pass up.  The other arab saddles I have seen on eBay have all gone for around $800 so I felt really lucky I got this one!  It should arrive on Friday and I want to try it out on Saturday morning.  

Tonight, John and I are going to work on some Chem, tomorrow morning I am going to go ride, then in the afternoon I will meet with my tutor.  


Shanster said...

Wow - LOTS going on in your corner of the world! yeah - I got a "new" used saddle last fall... amazing the difference in my seat and position. Was really worth it!

Chemistry... good god, that gives me goosebumps just reading your post. shudder.

Hooray on your new house! Congrats!!

Heather said...

Yeah, Chemistry has me frustrated. It is just so detailed oriented. You miss one tiny detail and the whole problem is wrong. I made great grades on the first three chapters and this 4th chapter I got a C. Chapter 5 is heat energy and John should have that one covered. He spent a lot of time in his undergrad in thermo classes.

The saddle should get here tomorrow. I have ridden western much less than I have english, so I am curious as to how it will effect my riding. Though given that my current saddle is a *ahem* child's saddle from when I was 11, I think anything will be an improvement! I love my old saddle because I am so used to it, but it is a very flat seat CC saddle and it really pitches me forward like a hunter, which doesn't help me balance.

We close on the house at the end of July, so Pictures will be up shortly after!