Sunday, June 7, 2009

Jumping right in!

I went out to the barn this morning to ride the horse and we had lots of new experiences to deal with.  Boomer had his first experience in cross ties, of course it sprinkled and he about jumped out of his skin at the sound.  After that he was fine for me to tack up.  I rode him in the outdoor sand arena and he was understandably looky but very good.  We had some issues at the canter, but I will work on those later.  Mostly he was very good, if only a little tense.  About halfway through our ride a lady came up and invited us on a trail ride to show us the trails and property.  John left and I went out with the three ladies and we rode for about an hour and a half.  Boomer was very good and was really only tense at first.  He spooked once and bumped into little Halflinger Ella, but other than that he was fine!  He really seemed to enjoy himself and was very relaxed for the last half of the ride.  I untacked him in the cross ties and he was much better.  Afterwards, the lady gave me a ride home.  I think she is really cool and I see her as someone I could enjoy riding with frequently!  

John just left to go back to Oklahoma for the week and I am feeling pretty bummed.  I think I will study for a few hours and then go back out to see the horse again.  Sometimes I worry that as proud of him as I feel, I don't show him that.  I want to start working on being more appreciative of him.  I think he deserves to know that I appreciate his work!  


Shanster said...

sounds like a great place for Boomer AND you! I dunno - if you are concious of it, you probably do show him... it's the people who never think things like that who get too self-absorbed to take the time for appreciations!

Heather said...

I have been trying really hard to show everyone around me how much I appreciate them. It actually makes ME feel better about life too. It is easy to feel a little sorry for yourself in a new town after a big move. So, I am making sure Charley knows I understand that he is anxious as well. I try to show the horse I like him, but I'm not so sure he cares. John is the hardest for me, I try to let him know when he does things I appreciate, like taking care of packing the house, etc. Having him help me with my Chemistry has shown me how hard he actually works at his job. He does math at work! How weird is that?!!