Monday, June 8, 2009

Moving right along!

I swear, I will take pictures tomorrow!!!  
I rode on a trail ride again today with Belinda who I met yesterday.  Sarah (a KU student) and her mom also came along.  Sarah rode English Pleasure on Morgans, so we have similar backgrounds.  Her horse Tater is really cute.  He is 20 and she has had him since he was 11.  He is a very good boy but he prances instead of walking.  We mostly walked with a little trotting today and Boomer was perfect.  He leads and follows equally well, but he has a really slow walk.  I have never had anything to compare it to before but yesterday and today we couldn't keep up with the group at the walk!  On the plus side, Boomer doesn't mind being left behind at all.  I had him on a loose rein for pretty much the whole ride and he was an angel.  Tomorrow I want to work on cantering in the arena.  I had him in the cross ties again and he was pretty good.  I worked on his feet a little and he had some issues with his back feet, but was pretty good considering all of the commotion around him.  
Tomorrow I will take pictures, put a cinderblock under the trailer foot, and work on cantering.  If it rains, we will also get to experience the indoor arena!  

I am missing John, but I know he is really busy right now.  He only has three days left of work and then he has to direct the packing of our house.  I feel sort of bad for making him deal with all of the final stuff, but I think I would just stress out if I were there and wouldn't be of much help.  I can't wait to see him again though!  I am hoping the movers will be there on time  and he will be able to drive up Saturday.  


Shanster said...

Me too! It's not so much fun being a bachelorette when you really enjoy the one you're with!

Heather said...

Man, I hear that! I sure do enjoy having the bed to myself, but it isn't worth it if I cant hang out with John! Life is so much more fun with your best bud in the same town!!!

Grey Horse Matters said...

Sounds like you had a nice trail ride. It's so nice to be able to trust the horse your riding. Have fun in the arena too.

Heather said...

Sometimes I think I underestimate what Boomer is capable of. I can't believe he was walking on a loose rein and would lead or follow on his first two trail rides out in a new place and his first two times out with other horses!!!