Wednesday, June 3, 2009

getting crazy!

John and I have a very small apartment now.  We also have a storage unit and a PO Box.  The horse has a home and I have started Summer school.  The house is on the market.  The realtor and her cronies are coming to 'pre-view' the house this morning.  I washed John's phone, and it died about 3 days later.  Now my phone wont charge.  John bought a new phone and a new charger.  The new charger didn't help my phone.  Now I get to buy a new phone too.  It rained last night, so now I get to take Charley out to play in the mud while I feed the horse when the cronies are at our house.  I wanted to ride, but alas, it rained.  John went to his new job on Tuesday and got to meet a lot of people.  I think that went well.  They are on a 4 day work week, which means that salaried people take a vacation day every Monday until they run out of vacation, then the go negative.  Hopefully the economy will pick up and oil will stay above $60 a barrel.  On the flip side, three day weekends every week will be awesome!!!  Back to the first side, going on a honeymoon might be hard.  But hey, we aren't even married yet.  John has heard that we may be able to use the $8000 tax credit as part of our down payment, so that would put us in a new home much faster.  Which is important because our apartment lease is up July 31.  I am kind of excited to live in the little apartment for some reason.  It seems like a fun diversion from the stress of moving.  Very college-y.  Which is good because I just started my Chem class yesterday online.  It is 7 weeks long and we have 11 chapters to cover with a homework, lab, and test every chapter.  So, pretty much the next 7 weeks will be spent immersed in Chemistry.  It is probably a good thing for me to move early so that I can study rather than stress about movers.  The plan is for John and Charley to follow (and block) for Boomer and I (and the feesh) when we drive up this Saturday the 6th.  I will take up as much stuff as I will need, horse stuff, clothes, bathroom stuff, plants, files, etc.  Then the movers come Friday the 12th and will drop it off sometime between the 15-19th.  John will drive up to Lawrence on Friday the 12th as soon as the movers are done.  In addition to all of this going on, Charley has had two seizures lately.  He had one last Monday.  It was very minor and he didn't lose consciousness (he was looking around, worried).  Though yesterday, he had one outside in the front yard and it was more serious.  He didn't lay flat out and have full body convulsions, but it was close.  He lost consciousness (his eyes don't move and are glazed) and was easy to pull over into my lap.  Then he had two more smaller ones a few minutes later.  He didn't lose consciousness for those.  I think that having seizures only affects his quality of life for that day.  He is more subdued after a seizure for the rest of the day.  Though, I am afraid it would be hard to put him on medication because there is no real pattern here.  If he goes two months between seizures it would be hard to know if it was working.  It is a tough place to be in.  I want what is best for him, but I am not sure we are at the point where medicating is the answer.  Sorry to end on a down note, but I need to get reading on my Chemistry and I need to go get a phone, go to the post office and be gone from the house for a few hours.  

Don't worry, the blog should be back to its normal 'non- stream of consciousness' self in a few days.  

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Shanster said...

Oh poor you and poor Charlie! Very scary and so unknown with the infrequency which makes it that much more difficult.

Kudos to you and your chemistry! I hated chem and math and all that stuff...

I'm with you on the frigging rain. We are turning into seattle. It rained buckets here so now I get my horse home and no riding... the mud is just way to slippery... sigh. It's depressing! I can't trailer to an indoor either cuz we can't get the trailer out when it's THIS muddy.

And yeah - when it rains it pours! Hope you get all your cell phones and boxes and moving and apt. stuff all lined out. :)