Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rain, Rain, go away!-

It started raining this morning pretty early and has just been soaking the place for 8-9 hours now!  Our parking lot was a river a few hours ago.  There was a short break in the rain so I took Charley out to play with the horse and to put a cinderblock under the trailer so it wouldn't sink too much to get the truck under it.  Wouldn't that suck!  I tried to get a few pictures around the place, but I would rather do so in the sunshine.  

Here is my corner of the tack room.  I bet there are 20-30 saddles and about half of them are english or dressage!  

Here are the cross ties we have been using.  There is another set to the right of these that also doubles as an entrance to the barn.  Since Boomer pulls back, I don't want to crosstie him where he can go backwards!

Here are the hitching posts, the round pen, and some of the paddocks in the distance.  The paddocks make a horse shoe shape with one huge paddock in the middle and a huge mare pasture at the top.  

Boomer is in the 4th paddock on the left of the 'alley'.  My best guess is that it is a half acre.  It has a small shed and electric fencing.  The front and back of the paddock have wooden posts and the sides have capped T-posts.  Here you can see his shed, he uses the left half of it.  In the foreground are his two water tubs which are filled daily and his feed tub which is filled twice daily!  The blue bucket outside of the fence line is the muck bucket.  I muck, they take it away!

Here Boomer is looking out his gate, across the alley, and into the middle large paddock.  

Here I am in the doorway of the shed and Boomer is at his gate.  This gives some size perspective!

Poor Boomer hates the rain.

While I was out taking pictures and showing Boomer that he can, in fact, go into the scary shed, CHarley was playing with some birds.  It was awesome to watch.  It started with him chasing one bird that swooped low.  Then it came back and started making low circles around the paddock.  Then two other birds joined in.  There weren't dive bombing him or chasing him.  They were swooping in in front of him practically begging to be chased!  Charley loved it.  I'm not sure if you can see the birds in the video, but it is fun none the less!


Shanster said...

How fun for Charley! It looks like a really great place and I'm with you about the damn rain. Enough already! GAAAAAA!

I get my red horse home from Anthony and it's rained ever since... lots of lightning and thunder and a deluge of rain. sigh.

Heather said...

Aren't both of your horses red?