Thursday, June 18, 2009

Something to think about...

Today Boomer started his antics at the barn.  I couldn't get him to move forward, he was backing and spinning and not listening.  So, I got off and went to the arena where he was awesome.  The two others who I was supposed to trail ride with worked in the outdoor for a while, and then I joined them.  A trainer who lives at the barn, Jim also came out on his mare.  We all headed out after discussing our various issues.  We got past one 'stuck' spot with Jim hollering and whopping Boomer on the butt with his reins.  His good mare is a cow horse, so she was used to chasing unruly beasts.  It actually went pretty well after that spot, he would test and I would win with Jim's help.  Then we got to where we had trouble yesterday.  He was just going backwards and he started bucking when Jim would wave at him to move up.  He was backing down the ditch, back up the other side, towards a drain pipe, into a field.  I couldn't get him to stop.  He would spin around and just move further and further from the road.  He would move out like he might bolt when I got him facing away from the road.  I gave it a few good tries and asked if Jim would ride him through it.  Honestly, I went from being frustrated to being scared.  If I am scared of my own horse, what good am I as a rider.  So, right there in the middle of the road, we stripped tack and switched horses.  I got to ride sweet little "Sugar" and she was probably happy to have that big ole western saddle off.  Boomer got his first experience being ridden in a real heavy western saddle, plus a new heavy man rider.  Well, he tried all of the same shit, but Jim wasn't scared and he had spurs.  So, he got Boomer to get over it.  He took him back around those scary areas and Boomer tested a little and they fought more, but eventually Boomer shaped up.  By the time we went up the road and to the hill past the barn where he was bad yesterday, Boomer didn't give him any trouble at all.  

Now, I know he isn't  fixed.  I know he isn't better until I can get the same result on my own.  

After we rode I asked if I should hose off Jim's mare and I mentioned that I was just going to bring the hose outside because I didn't want to deal with the wash rack.  Well, Jim wanted to work on that too.  So, we spent about 10-15 minutes and Jim got him in.  He sniffed around and was calmer than he had been before so we hosed him off.  He got him in a second time and then Boomer bumped into a bucket with his butt, sent it and its contents flying.  Freaked him out, but Jim held him in there and talked to him telling him "it hasn't got you yet, its ok, it isn't going to get you".  Boomer did relax and he led him in and out one more time.  I had a little more trouble getting him in, but he did go in for me, and he relaxed.  We called it a day and I have a ton to think about.  

I asked him if I could pay him for his help today while we were still out riding, and he said no and that he doesn't like to charge for every little thing he does for people.  I told him that in the future I may like to have him work with me some more.  Not having a job, I don't have a ton of money and my savings account is shrinking faster than ever, but I sure would like to work with Jim to get over this.  I think I need help at this point.  There is no way I would take him back out on a trail ride without help right now.  My confidence is shot.  I think if he could get Boomer over this testing BS, and I could see it happen, it would give me the confidence to ride him supervised until he gets his act together.  I also think Jim could help us with the wash rack issue.  I wouldn't mind his help when it comes to the trailer as well.  But, really, the most important thing is to have a horse that I can ride without fear.  It sure is a lot to think about.    

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Shanster said...

Well I tell ya - this is EXACTLY when I went and got help from Anthony. Rosso had gotten me buggerd and bullied me into some fear. I'm not saying that I'm completely comfortable on him or that I trust him...

But after seeing Anthony work him, having Anthony watch me ride him and having Anthony work Rosso thru some of the same sort of shit... I feel better.

I have things to do when Rosso begins to act like a shit-bird. I ride him and the only thing that will increase my confidence is more and more time in the saddle. I'll get there and so will you!

Really sucks tho when they are like that huh? You have NO control and you feel like the monkey on the dog... they are big animals and they have their own minds. Even the best broke horses are still horses and can wig out.

Ours are still young and learning. I'm glad you have Jim to help just like I had Anthony... people like that are worth their weight in GOLD!

Good luck - I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you. You'll get through it and be a better rider for it!