Friday, June 5, 2009

Getting Closer!!!

So, I move tomorrow.  It has truly been a whirlwind around here.  Our house has been shown 3 times and our realtor said that "everyone really loves the house".  Big deal.  Not enough to make an offer, I guess!!!  I am mostly packed.  All that is left is my computer and my genetics and chemistry books, Charley's dog house which may not fit in the truck bed with the gooseneck, and the pile of stuff in the living room.  And the plants and Feesh.  Tomorrow morning we load up and go.  Yesterday and today the horse has gotten beet pulp and salt to help his start hydrating for the trip.  Tomorrow he will get the beet pulp and salt, but no grain until an hour or so after we unload.  I anticipate it will take us near 4 hours to get there with a stop halfway for water and gas.  I picked up the blankets that I had embroidered and they look great.  I couldn't be happier with them!  The blanket and hood are waterproof, so I had to place the stitching where it wouldn't compromise the waterproofing.  I think the cooler looks especially sharp!  

I started my Chemistry class on Tuesday and dove right in.  It covers 11 chapters over 7 weeks.  Each chapter has a homework (10%), lab (20%), and exam (70%).  All components are done online.  The homework and exams each have three opportunities with the highest grade being applied towards the final grade.  I did the homework portion myself a few days ago and tanked.  I got 7/10 all three attempts.  I was really down.  I started doubting myself again, convinced that I was right all along, I really can't do science.  John made an 'appointment' to help me today.  So, bless his heart, we spent two hours after he got off work doing Chemistry.  He is so smart and such a good teacher.  John has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and is a total math dork.  He has taken Calc 1,2 &3 AND differential equations (whatever that is).  Last math I took was Calc 1 about 6 years ago.  Needless to say, he was very helpful.  He really simplified the problems for me and got me thinking of how to work some pretty complex problems!  I took the exam with his guidance and got 19/20!!!  The one I missed wasn't even a math problem, it was a reading mistake.  So, getting a 95% on the first test is huge for me, especially since I have two more chances to make a 100% on this test!  I am so lucky that John is such a great tutor!  I couldn't do this class without him.  I damn well won't be able to do Physics without him!  So, I am back on track and feeling confident!  I think my short term goal in life right now is making a 4.0 in my science pre-reqs.  Long term goal is getting into vet school.  I have six more classes to go after this summer: Chem 2, OChem 1, Bio Chem, Micro Bio, Physics 1 & 2.  Those courses will qualify me for entrance into schools like KState and CSU.  OSU and North Carolina also requires OChem 2 and Animal Nutrition.  Washington State  is the same as KState minus the MicroBio and a semester of Physics.  So, you see, I am preparing for the middle ground, hoping for admission to KState.  If I don't get in, I will take more classes and apply again to more schools.  That was my dad's plan for med school and he got in on his first try.  Maybe it runs in the family.  

Next time I post I will be living in a new AHA region.  Good Bye Region 9, Hello Region 8!!!

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Shanster said...

Geez - those classes make me CRINGE! I am a complete and total dumbass when it comes to math/chemistry.